start a puppet ministry in my church

If you don’t already use Bible Character Puppets in your church you should consider buying some Biblical puppets and starting a puppet ministry in your church.

It is essential to start teaching children, at an early age, about the life and ministry of Jesus. Using puppets in your children’s ministry is an effective way to teach children Jesus’ character and the Gospel. Puppets skits work best with a young group of children (ages 2-6). Using puppets to teach Bible stories about Jesus will make each class memorable and fun.

Puppets will hold the attention of most young children for 5-15 minutes; it is important to look for puppet scripts or cd’s that fit in that time range.

A puppet team can consist of adults or older children. Using older children is a great way to teach them about serving Jesus in ministry at their church. The puppet team should get enough practice time to be able to follow the script closely. The skit may be spoken or mouthed over a cd skit.

Puppets may also be used during worship music to get young ones participating more enthusiastic in the songs.

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Puppets should interact with the teacher and children; it will make the lesson more fun and exciting while keeping the children’s focus on the front of the class.

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