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Sunday school is one way to reach children with the gospel, however, kids need more than just a once a week experience with God. If your church wishes to better meet the spiritual needs of children, consider starting a midweek kids church ministry.

You will need to give your midweek class a structure, what kind of things are you going to do? The time together should be a fun experience that children will be excited about and look forward to.

Don’t overbear the kids with a long sermon or keep them sitting still for an extended period of time, movement equals action and children want action. You can use the Sunday school for longer in depth learning. The learning time for the midweek should be short and pointed.

Start by picking a name and theme for the midweek class. For example: C.L.I.C.K (Children Learning in Christ Kingdom)

Allot an amount of time for assembly, lesson, games, music and any other activities you wish to do.

Here is an example for a one hour program:

Start the class with an upbeat theme song. (2 min.)

Continue with a short lesson or object lesson. (10 min.)

Sing a couple songs (4 min.)

Play a game (10 min)

Verse memorization (10 min.)

Song (2 min.)

Craft (10 min.)

Game (10 min.)

Theme song (2 min.)

You should also consider things like cookouts, movie nights and big outdoor games at least once a month.

Promote the new class with bulletin inserts and flyers for the children to hand out. Buy a case of soda for the kid that brings the most friends each month.