If you are new to children’s ministry you may have discovered coming up with weekly lessons can be difficult. If your church doesn’t provide you with lesson plans and outlines you will need to come up with your own. Here are some simple steps you can follow to better serve in your ministry.
Choose your topic. For instructional purposes I am going to use the topic of “Loving Others” throughout this article. Some Bibles have a topical index in the front or back of them; these Bibles a very helpful in picking a topic.
Select verses. If you have a Bible with a topical index it will give you verses that go with the topic. Read through those verses and write down the ones you would like to use. If you do not have a topical index in your Bible, finding verses will take a little more research. You can search on for Bible verses on loving others. Put the verses on poster boards, overhead projector or power point. Refer to the verses throughout the lesson as you teach.
Find some visual aides. Visuals can be one or more objects, pictures or illustrations. For the topic of loving others I would use some pictures of people hugging, shaking hands, smiling and some of wars and fighting to use in contrast. I would also use an object like a Valentines card or a friendly letter.
Ask Questions. Asking questions put a child in the lesson and gets them to think about how they would act or feel concerning the topic.

Apply it to today’s world. How can the child use the information in today’s world; how can they demonstrate what they’ve learned?
What happens when people don’t love others?” show the picture of fighting.
“If everyone loved others, do you think there would be war?” hold up the picture of war.
“What are some ways you can be loving towards others?” let the children answer.
If you still feel you can not make your own lesson plan, there are many available for free on the internet and books for purchase.