teach books of the bible to kids

Teaching kids the Books of the Bible will be helpful in their growth as a Christian. Committing the books to memory will give them the ability to find passages and follow along with the pastor’s sermon. As they continue to grow physically and spiritually they will need to have the ability to search the scriptures on their own. The process will take several weeks and not all kids will get it perfect but you will build a strong foundation. Don’t be surprised if you have children as young as first grade that will be able to say them all.

Things you’ll need:
3 Poster Boards
Index Cards
Colored Markers
Removable tape
A bag of individually wrapped candies

Use the colored markers to write each book of the Old Testament on an index card. Be colorful and creative but clear.

Take out the poster boards and cut them in half. At the top center of one half write the words “Books of Law”. Below the headline tape the first five books, Genesis through Deuteronomy.
Do the same for the books of History (Joshua – Esther)
The books of Poetry (Job – Song of Solomon)
The books of Major Prophets (Isaiah – Daniel)
The books of Minor Prophets (Hosea – Malachi)
All Books (Genesis – Malachi)

All the preparation is done, it is time to teach.
Take two to three weeks just to work on the Books of Law.
Have the children repeat the books after you. Be sure to speak slowly and clearly. The kids will really enjoy it if you allow them to yell the books back. Do this a few times through.

Ask for a volunteer to say them with you. Afterward give the volunteer two pieces of candy and then do the books with the whole class again. Repeat this step several times.

Remove a book of the Bible and ask for a volunteer to say the books on her own. Repeat this step several times and give each that tries another piece of candy.

After the children have a good grasp of the books of law you are ready to move to the next group, the books of History. Follow the same steps and take as many weeks as necessary. Don’t forget to do occasional review before moving to each new group.