The celebration of the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, is the center of the Christmas holiday. Preparing a good Sunday school program to coincide with this day is of great importance. Showing the childen what it means for God to give us his gift of Jesus and us accepting that gift is the purpose of the Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration.

Pray about the use of this program in your Sunday School and workers to help. Discuss it with your Pastor or Sunday school director.

Start planning well ahead of time, at least 8 weeks. Decide on the location of the party. Create a form with a place for the child’s name, age and a couple things they are interested in/would like for Christmas. Have all the teachers fill out a form for each child in his or her class.

Announce in the adult classes that they will have the opportunity to draw a child’s name to buy a Christmas gift for. Make the announcement a week or two ahead of the drawing.

Create another form with all the listed children’s names on it; leave a blank next to each name so that you can write in the name of the person that drew that child’s name.
Conduct the name drawing.

Have the children do a craft. Make Christmas ornaments to give to the adults during the gift exchange.

Use your volunteers or Sunday school teachers to help decorate and bring in cakes and other refreshments.

On the day of the Happy Birthday Jesus party assemble the adult a children’s classes together. Tell the Christmas story or give a short devotional then start the gift exchange. Call a child’s name and have him go to the adult to exchange gifts. Have the children sit at the front of the room or on stage until all children have exchanged gifts. Let all the kids open their gifts at the same time.