Easter-egg-hunt-at church

The Easter season provides ample opportunities for a church that wants to reach its community. It can be used as a festive time to spread the Gospel and promote your Sunday School ministry. There is a sizable amount of time and effort that will go into this event but the reward can be equally large. This article will give you the guidelines and ideas for a successful Easter egg hunt; you may need to adjust some things to better fit your church.

Step 1
All successful Sunday School outreach begins with prayer. Take time to pray about using this outreach ministry; pray for workers, resources and the ability to see it through to completion. If you decide this event is for you, you will need to get permission from a pastor or Sunday school director- unless your the one “in charge”.

Step 2
Put together a brainstorming team that consist of two other people who are involved in Sunday school and are ready to get on board with the idea. Sit down and discuss the ideas in this article and ask for other ideas to help make it even better. After brainstorming it is time to start planning.

Step 3
Some brainstorming ideas.
A. Use a puppet show at the beginning to tell the Easter story/Gospel.
B. Do a short skit.
C. Play loud music.
D. Have a special prize “Golden Egg”
E. Use carnival games.
F. Rent an inflatable moonwalk or obstacle course.
G. Have a cook out, picnic or serve snacks.
H. Have a registration table so you can get a good prospect list.
I. Have promotional material of your Sunday school and future events readily available for anyone interested.

Step 4
Choose a venue and pick a date. Your very own church lawn may be just the place to hold this activity but you may also want to consider other options as well. If your church is limited in lawn space you might look into using the community park or a school playground. As for a date I would suggest a Saturday Morning the week before Easter or Easter Sunday afternoon; you may be able to get visitors to your church that normally only attend on holidays.

Step 5
Start recruiting workers. Start with your Sunday school teachers, it is likely that they will want to be involved in something that will help build the Sunday school program. If that doesn’t provide enough workers put a notice in the church bulletin asking for help. If you still need more help, start asking people individually. The number of workers you need will depend on how big you want this to be.

Step 6
Find funding. Is your church going to financially support this ministry in full or will you need to find additional funding. Look in the community for sponsors (they are easy to find in small towns). Have a presentation ready showing what you will do for your sponsors. You will be putting your sponsors name on all advertising material so choose carefully who you ask. Other funding options include setting up a barrel in your church to collect candy and plastic Easter egg donations. You could also talk to the pastor about taking a one-time special offering.

Step 7
Start your advertising campaign.
You can use community calendar’s on your local radio station sites and some will make an announcement on air for free.
Use local tv community calendar’s if available.
Write an article for your local newspaper.
Make hand-outs.
Post invitations on local announcement boards IE stores and gas stations.
Go door to door with invitations.
Have some kids hand out fliers on the school bus.
Make some banners.
(Remember to put your sponsors-if you have them- on all materials.)

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Step 8
It is time to purchase all the products you will need (if donations are not enough). You will need plenty of plastic eggs and candy. Check out the links section of this article for a list of suppliers. You might also want decorations to give the event a little more festive atmosphere.
Note: Purchase plastic eggs and decorations after Easter for the next year. You will get them very cheap.

Step 9
Start filling those eggs. Don’t try to do it all yourself, use your workers or invite the whole church to help. If you are going to have a special prize egg, paint it gold and put a winners certificate in it. The prize could be anything but be sure to make it big and exciting. It should be something you can use in your advertising campaign.

Step 10
Have your workers spread the eggs out over the lawn. You may want to provide bags for children to collect eggs in.