tips to boost sunday school attendance in childrens church kids


It can be difficult finding new ways to get children excited about going to Sunday School. The teacher must constantly come up with new ideas to get kids to come to church and give them reason to want to come back. Incentives provide a way to ensure that kids look forward to going to church, and discourage being absent. Here is an idea to get kids coming to Sunday school.

Jelly Bean Guess

What you need:
2 canning jars
One can lid
1-2 bags of Jelly beans
A nice prize for the winner

1.  Fill a glass jar to the top with jelly beans or similar candy.

2. Dump the jelly beans into a large bowl and count them back into the jar; place a lid on the jar.

3.  Each week when a child comes to class he gets to take a guess at how many beans are in the jar. If his guess is not
correct have him write his name and guess on a small slip of paper and put it into the second jar.

4.  If there is no correct guess before hand- at the end of the quarter (3 months) go through all the slips of paper to find the
student who made the closest guess; she will be the winner.

Every week during Sunday school show the prize that can be won. It is very important that the prize be something significant that the children will really want to win. Explain to the children that the more often they come to Sunday School, the better chance they will have of winning the prize. Emphasize how important church attendance even if you are not the winner.

On the week that a winner is selected you might want to have a lesson about life. Teach that everything in life does not have to be a guess. If you find and follow God’s will for your life He will guide you in all your choices, and you will always be a winner.